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Branding Packages

What is a branding package?

A branding package is not simply a logo and a few different marketing materials. A branding package is typically a multiple page document that defines a format for all of your marketing materials. I would highly recommend developing a branding package prior to doing any marketing. Often times companies will start out without one and their marketing changes so much over time. This may not sound like a big deal, but inconsistencies in marketing could equal inconsistencies in product in a consumers mind. The only reason why you wouldn't do it is because they take time and money to complete. The process doesn't happen over night and impatience can get the best of all of us from time to time. Expecially when we are excited about a new idea that can make us money and be wonderful. Take the time and do it right, you won't be sorry.  

The first thing I typically work on developing is the logo. Most of the time the meetings to discuss the logo give a wonderful insight as to how to develop the rest of your marketing materials. 

The next steps typically involves your help. I will ask you to pull some images off the internet that you like of marketing materials. Different styles and ideas. Not so I can copy them, but so I can get a feel of what you like. From that I will find some images that we can use in brochures, signs, marketing materials, etc. Slowly we develop a branding package. It's not to say that the branding package can't develop as the company grows, it's just the standards in which it was built off of. 

I have included a few pages of the branding package I have created for myself. It gives you an idea on the time, effort and detail that it takes to make an impression. 

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