Young Professionals Group
White River National Forest
Trendz Clothing co
The Valley Veterinary Clinic
Steel Mountain Fabricators
City of Rifle Visitor Improvement Fund
Peg Nichols Photography
Global Farming Solutions
On The River Supply
Rocky Mountain Lures
The Mercantile Grill
Iowa Farmhouse Breads

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Graphic Design-

Logo Creation

Logos are my favorite thing to work on!


Why you ask?

Well there are several reasons, but one is not because it is about what "I want". It's about what you want and me being able to connect with you to achieve your goals. It's about learning what you like and what you don't like and using that in my creative process. Logos don't happen over night and often require several reviews and proofing sessions along the way. This process gives me an opportunity to work with you, a business owner, and really get to know you. It's the memories that make the first visual symbol of your company. It's a test for me to connect and use my creativity to give you exactly what you invision. It takes experience and knowledge, all of which I have, to create that for you. It's that moment when we both look at what we've come up with, smile and say "Thats it!"

Client Testimonial

"Renee did an outstanding job in creating a fun and captivating yet simple logo for our district wellness program. And she helped keep the overall project under budget and technically feasible by providing us several 3-color Alternatives to the full-color design. Bravo!"

Skye Sieber, White River National Forest