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Marketing Materials

I always love the question, "What exactly do you do?". The simple answer of create marketing materials for companies and individuals never quite fully answers it. I inevitably get more questions. At the end of my long winded response, I often get a puzzled look. And than more questions... "So if I want shirts and business cards printed, you can do that?" The answer is yes, I would like to consider myself a one stop shop for all marketing materials. 

Working as a designer for so many years, I can't say there isn't a lot I haven't been asked to do and most often I can get the job done. Marketing materials vary so much and there are a lot of options out there. I've printed business cards, stationary, envelopes, stickers, banners, signs, plaques, stamps, shirts, hats, magnets, etc. You get the point... I've done a lot and probably have a vendor to get the job done for me if I can't do it in house. I'm happy to take on new challenges and form relationships with potential vendors. If you have a professional or personal project, let me know, and I will see if I can't get the job done. 

"The whole process was super easy. Working with Renee was fun and efficient. She had great ideas and took my concept and turned it into a logo that I was proud to put as a fore front of my company. Renee is always there to answer any questions or get me what I need right away. I would recommend, any business looking to stand out in a crowd, to hire Graphix Done Right to accomplish that goal for you."

Michael Johnson, President of Johnson Construction Inc.

Graphix Done Right was my previously owned company when I resided in Rifle, Colorado.

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